Hello #Kêrel&NooiBride

A 12-week Wedding Planning Experience that will change your life!

Hands up if you can resonate with any of these?

  1. I am engaged, where do I start?
  2. I am a bride that recognises my potential, and I am willing to fight for my dreams and goals, but just need some guidance and accountability.
  3. I am serious about planning my wedding with no stress and no clutter.
  4. I am getting married soon and I need support and guidance from A-Z.
  5. I want to embrace my engagement season, but the wedding stress keeps getting the best of me.
  6. Google is not giving me the planning info I need; it is just too complex.
  7. I need someone professional and trustworthy to guide me with my wedding planning.
  8. I take personal development seriously and I understand that wedding planning is only a PUZZLE PIECE.

We are glad you found us!

Get ready, because we are ready to help you Declutter Your Wedding from A-Z. Our focus at Kêrel & Nooi is always first on the bride, then the planning. If you are feeling amazing, your planning experience will also be amazing!

Here is what you really need (that no one is teaching you) to embrace the season of planning your wedding.

  1. A simple Wedding Game Plan – You don’t need more wedding planning information, the info on google is complex and not giving you the breakthrough or answers you need.
  2. In-person Accountability – Be hands-on at all times and get unlimited professional and relevant advice from your wedding planner and coach. You can still plan your own wedding; we are just here to navigate the roadmap and keep you accountable.
  3. Real Support – You don’t have to do this alone! We will help you to work through the mindset blocks that are keeping you from making the right decisions for your wedding and your life.

Our Blushing Bride Workshop is designed to help brides cut through the noise of wedding planning and to help them understand that wedding planning is only a puzzle piece that fits into the rest of their lives. We challenge and teach our brides to use this season to reflect and take ownership of their goals, dreams, and aspirations. We are very serious about the personal growth of our brides.

If I join the workshop, what is in it for me?

  1. “In-Person” Accountability
  2. Cut through the uncertainty of “where must I start”. Our Wedding Planner and Coach is here to help you to plan your wedding from A-Z in 12 weeks (20 live Online Sessions). Your planner and coach will be available on WhatsApp, email, Facebook and we are just a phone call away.

  3. Community
  4. Have a safe space to feel supported, guided, encouraged, and empowered. We cover real topics that will have an impact on your marriage and our community is a safe place to learn, ask and grow.

  5. Invest in yourself
  6. You understand that planning your wedding is a stepping stone into your marriage. Being engaged is a seed that you sow into your future. Our personal development workbooks and online consultations will allow you to reflect, learn and grow. We will help you to transform from bride to wife. We will help you to work through the mindset blocks that are keeping you from reaching your goals and dreams.

  7. Remove all the clutter
  8. We will remove all the wedding clutter (noise) by providing expert advice from the industry leaders. Get accurate and professional advice from experts to guide you to plan your wedding. You will have your own wedding plan, no copy and paste.

  9. Weekly Wedding Planning Sessions
  10. The K&N team leads a live session each Tuesday, focusing on the 4 wedding planning phases (designed by us) to help you to start working on your wedding game plan. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself in your wedding planning journey, these sessions will help you to get clarity, define your strategy, and get the breakthrough you need. These sessions are exactly what you need to start your week so that you are on top of your schedule.

  11. Weekly Group Coaching
  12. Yolandi leads a live coaching call focusing on your mindset and personal growth. These sessions will be different, based on what is happening in the workshops.

  13. Planning Parties
  14. You will be placed in small planning groups that will focus on progressing through the 4 wedding planning phases. Feedback and implementation sessions will also be covered in these sessions.

  15. Planning with the Girls
  16. You will be inviting your bridesmaids to these sessions. Expectations of the bridal parties and wedding day will be communicated.

  17. Private Facebook group
  18. Connect with other like-minded brides and industry experts ready to help you to make the best decisions for your wedding.

  19. Wedding Planner Book – The Blushing Bride
  20. Receive your free planner when you sign up for our Workshop and our follow up planner, the Choose Edition.

Meet your virtual team

Yolandi Smit – Owner and Wedding Coach

I (Yolandi Smit 😊) am the founder and owner of Kêrel & Nooi. Weddings make me very excited, but what really excites me is working with you, the bride, the potential of who you can become. I believe that if you really want to make the best of this season, you need to invest in yourself. I am here to help you to work through the mindset blocks of this journey.

Marique WinterBach – Wedding Consultant

Marique is our professional Wedding Planner. She is absolutely passionate about Wedding and Wedding Planning. Marique thinks about everything, her attention to detail amazes us. You will be in great hands.

It is time to make a choice.

  • Stop wasting time scrolling on google to get your answers
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and confused.
  • Don’t waste your time on stress and clutter.
  • Start seeing the beauty of this season and allow yourself to grow.
  • Start taking control of your wedding planning and get the results you deserve.
  • Start to realise that you deserve it!

We can help you! We have done the thinking for you; you just need to plug in and enjoy the ride. This journey can change your life. What you invest in your engagement season will harvest when you are married. #Thinkaboutit

We can’t wait to plan with you #Kêrel&NooiBride