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Products & Services

Products & Services

We understand that Planning your Wedding is super exciting and fun but at the same time it is also complex and overwhelming. We are confident that the environment we have created through our products and services will support, serve and guide our brides in many areas of their lives. When you purchase a product or service from us you need to know that you are actually stepping into a community that is supporting you all the way.


The K&N membership offers brides full access to an extended range of products and services as well as invaluable information shared in past webinars.

Explorer Session

An “explorer session” speaks for itself.  It is designed for the bride to take an “exploration journey” through her planner book.

Planning Party

Online session with Kêrel & Nooi for the bride and her bridesmaids and any other chosen by bride.

Webinars and Interviews

K&N webinars are designed to be a platform where brides and suppliers have the opportunity to network and where suppliers provide brides-to-be with invaluable information.

Wedding Planner

Uniquely designed to guide our brides through the process of wedding planning while encouraging them to be creative and interactive.


You’ve always dreamed about it and now you’re here, ready to start your unique and very special journey. Choose your product and service to make every moment count. Thoughtfully design for you to turn moments into memories.

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