Don’t know what to do with all the overwhelming jitters and excitement of planning your authentic wedding?
We have the solution!
Capture them all with the OUR LOVELY wedding planner.
Imagine you have a book that allows you to plan your flowers, decor, dress, kitchen tea, budget, vision and even the complicated guest list.
The OUR LOVELY wedding planner is designed to simplify the overwhelm of planning your authentic wedding with an all in one system that helps you to turn your dream wedding into a reality.
And maybe one of the best parts? all your wedding and day to day planning is in one place!
  •  This planner is a keepsake to look back on and even add some of your wedding photos to turn it into an album.
  •  It is the ultimate all in one solution because you can plan your wedding and your day to day in one book!
  •  The planner is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and SIMPLE.
  •  A detailed checklist for all the different important wedding planning categories like
  •  Checklist for things you don’t even think about, to help you not miss a thing!
What is included with the OUR LOVELY wedding planner?
  •  12-month undated Calendar
  •  Weekly planner
  •  Wedding Planning Tips and Guidelines
  •  Colouring Activities
  •  Pre-wedding celebrations/events
  •  Table seating
  •  beauty schedule
  •  body goal tracker
  •  Journalling Sections
  •  Vendor Meeting Tracker ( flowers, decor, venue, DJ, photographer, video, coffee/bar, dress, catering)
  •  Payment Tracker
  •  Guestlist
  •  Wedding Game Plan
  •  Stickers


Please note:

Our Planners are currently in production and will be available by the end of August 2022 (Please note that the date can change) – Your planner will be shipped once we receive our stock and we will communicate timeframes from our side.

Please email us if you have any questions.