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    Content of the planner includes:
    • Monthly mind-map
    • Monthly Calendar
    • Habit tracker
    • Rapid logging prompts
    • Weekly planner
    • Reflection & Learnings
    • Guest list
    • Vendor Meeting Tracker
    • Wedding Game Plan
    • Payment Tracker
    And MANY MORE...
  • K&N consultation sessions create that safe place of communication, a place where you can speak your mind about what is worrying you or share those ideas you are so excited about. This is where we bring perspective to whatever situation you might find yourself in and explore different solutions in an innovative and creative way. Our consultation sessions are for any and everyone wanting a different perspective on things.
  • Sale!
    • Kêrel & Nooi designed a wedding planner book that is an all-inclusive book, covering all the major elements of wedding planning. Not only is it sufficient for wedding planning, but it invites the bride to incorporate her day to day life planning, may it be social or corporate.
    • “Our Lovely Wedding Planner” allows our brides to capture every moment of life while planning their most important day.
    • Uniquely designed to guide our brides through the process of wedding planning while encouraging them to be creative and interactive.
    • It is certainly a special book and can be kept as a memory.
  • Online session with Kêrel & Nooi for the bride and her bridesmaids and any other chosen by the bride. This session is purposefully designed to:
    • Tie up any loose ends
    • Ensure nothing is missed in communication
    • Bring unity & understanding between bridesmaids
    • Sketch a clearer picture of what the bride expects
    • Cover aspects the bride might not have thought about
    • Discuss a workbook
    • Inspire, motivate and edify the bride and bridesmaids
    • Session duration is a maximum of 2 hours
    • Guest Speaker/product or service is included (Makeup session, all about your skin, Pilates or custom)

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